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Please find all the legal texts here. This ranges from the original text of our licenses to our privacy statement and the Copyright and Trademark notes.

    When you "buy a font" you actually purchase a software license that entitles you to use this font. This article discusses the most basic software license we offer.
    If you intend to use Kombinat-Typefounders fonts on the web this is the right license for you.
    This license is made for developers who intend to embed Kombinat-Typefounders fonts in software (games, mobile apps, what have you…)
    We want educational institutions to be able to use our fonts which is why we offer substantial academic discounts.
    The confidentiality we commit to and that we guarantee serves our customers and us. Read up on the standard you can expect from us.
    This page provides the legal basis on which this web site is provided to you and contains copyright and trade mark information and liability disclaimers.
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