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Company and Site License

Large volume licensing solutions

Purchasing a license for a typeface based on the number of workstations is a model that makes sense for smaller volumes. When the size of the order exceeds a certain threshold or if the workstations the font will be used on are scattered among several locations, we offer the following, alternative licensing models.

Site License
For clients who are looking to license a typeface for their organization whithout any restriction on the number of workstations we offer a site license that only restricts the use to one physical location like an office or a building.

Company License
For use of a font in an organization with neither a restriction on the number of workstations, nor a restriction on the physical location we offer the Company License. The licensed font can be legally used on all workstations, belonging to an organization and all its branch offices.

If you feel, that either of these licensing models might make sense for your situation, please do not hesitate to call us up or enquire by email...

The above text serves as abstract, outlining the general idea behind our EULA and is in no way legally binding.

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