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→The price of a font is calculated from the number of devices it is installed on, rounded up to steps of five workstations, favoring the purchase of bigger licenses by applying a soft curve. In other words the more you buy the cheaper your license will proportionally be.
The graph below demonstrates how the price of a single font file progresses as more Workstations are licensed. So for example an office licensing 20 computers would not even pay twice what any single user would be charged.
This graph reflects the pricing for a single font file featuring our Basic Character Set. Individual font prices may vary.

Web font prices
The web embedding license for any of our web fonts is priced the same as the basic license (for 1-5 workstations) for print publishing of the same typeface. If you buy both, web and print fonts together (web embedding license and basic license for print publishing) we knock 50% off the web embedding license. An easy example would be a font of which the basic print license costs €50. Purchasing the web font by itself would also cost €50. But if you bought the whole caboodle, web and print together instead of €100 it would only come to €75.

Academic discount
If you order for an educational institution we offer a special discount and an end user license that meets the very dynamic nature of computer labs in modern schools.
Learn about our educational license...

Different licenses to fit your needs
Wether you are a freelance designer, a big publisher or want to use our fonts online, we will make sure you get the license that makes the most sense for your specific situation.
Compare our different licenses...

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