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Installing fonts on a Mac

If you're using a third party font management utility like FontAgent Pro, Suitcase, Master Juggler, or our absolute favorite, the free Linotype FontExplorer we recommend you follow their instructions.

If for some reason you can not use one of the above products Apple's Font Book makes it very easy to install fonts under Mac OS X in these three steps.
After downloading the font double-click it in the Finder. This will open the application Font Book which comes standard with every Mac.

Font Book shows you a preview of the font. In order to install it simply click the button saying "Install Font".

Then work with fonts like you"d manage songs in iTunes or pictures in iPhoto. You can manage fonts individually or as groups, and you don"t have to bother with special folders or locations.

OpenType has been around for a while but just to be on the safe side, make sure your Mac actually supports it.
Check the system requirements...

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