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Support for barred users

If you find yourself here, there is some suspected malfeasance and you have been barred from anything but looking at this site's pages. Surely this can be cleared up quite quickly. Just get in touch with us and together we will see how this happened.

Activities we try to prohibit

While creating a customer account without actually making a purchase should not be a problem, it is a first sign of suspicious activity. When the user name and email address you chose are just obviously bogus (Mr. Rob Aslkdjghf can be reached at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)…) that's when there is a strong suspicion that you are less interested in our products and services and more in the hack-ability of our old, trusty content management system.

Also leaving comments on the blog that advertise, and link to sites, which by any stretch of the imagination have very little to do with the blog entry will get a visitor suspended.

Don’t get mad, get in touch

If you feel that this is a misunderstanding and should not have happened. Just drop us a line and together we will sort it out.

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