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Fonts in Use

Throughout the years that we have been selling type many designers have kept in touch, sending us items they designed using our fonts. This is a selection of their work, beautifully illustrating the range of styles possible to achieve with our typefaces. We are very proud of this showcase. So please keep it coming ...and thank you. FAQ
Cry Wolf
The high school teenie slasher movie Cry Wolf used ffMutilated for titles and graphics.
{fontInUse-font} Typeface Cry Wolf
{/fontInUse-font} Agency LargeLab - Titles & Graphics
Designer Becca Leitman - art direction, Cole Gerst - CD cover design
Book “corps”

{fontInUse-font} Typeface Book “corps”
{/fontInUse-font} Agency corps 3 op twee
Designer Peter Zuiderwijk
Font Interpol Sans
Book “Ed Annink”
A monograph on the Dutch designer Ed Annink. It is Annink's undogmatic way of thinking and designing that makes this coffe table book unique.
{fontInUse-font} Typeface Book “Ed Annink”
{/fontInUse-font} Agency Ontwerpwerk
Designer Ronald Borremans, Bianca Ruygrok
Font Interpol Serif
CI of Design Studio
In 1999 we were commissioned to customize the typeface InterPol-Sans for the corporate design of this Dutch design studio.
{fontInUse-font} Typeface CI of Design Studio
{/fontInUse-font} Agency corps 3 op twee
Font Interpol Sans
e like Erik
This special edition of the FontShop magazine was published to the occasion of Erik Spiekerman receiving the third Gerrit Noorzij price.
{fontInUse-font} Typeface e like Erik
{/fontInUse-font} Agency Das Kombinat
Designer Hannes Famira
Book Design
A book designed by Sami Kortemäki of Underware, that won an honour prize in the annual finnish graphic design competition, 'Vuoden Huiput 2001'.
{fontInUse-font} Typeface Book Design
{/fontInUse-font} Agency Underware
Designer Sami Kortemäki
Divider Page for Calender
In 1999 the Frankfurt based design firm xplicit ffm gave this calender to their clients of which every page was designed by a different employee.
{fontInUse-font} Typeface Divider Page for Calender
{/fontInUse-font} Agency xplicit ffm
Designer Hannes Famira
Font JC BubbleJet on Steroids
Identity for Regionale
The annual Regionale is a combined efford of many galeries and musea in the general area of Basel in Switzerland.
{fontInUse-font} Typeface Identity for Regionale
{/fontInUse-font} Agency Das Kombinat
Designer Hannes Famira
Font Interpol Serif
Interior Design
Susi Bikle used the Tieschy for a series of images as part of an interior design.
{fontInUse-font} Typeface Interior Design
{/fontInUse-font} Agency Zipper
Designer Susi Bikle
Font JC Tieshy
Book “In de Knoei”
The consulting company Eprom commissioned Herman Brusselmans to write a novel that was published at the occasion of the company's tenth anniversary.
{fontInUse-font} Typeface Book “In de Knoei”
{/fontInUse-font} Agency SWA
Designer Jeroen Schmit and Hannes Famira
Font Interpol Serif
Out of Silence
Book design for the dance company Authentic Movement.
{fontInUse-font} Typeface Out of Silence
{/fontInUse-font} Agency Soup Royale
Designer Judith Haagh & Marjon Stark
Font Interpol Serif
Halti Campaign
Promotional posters for Halti, a finnish outdoor clothing and footwear manufacturer.
{fontInUse-font} Typeface Halti Campaign
{/fontInUse-font} Agency Hasan & Partners Oy
Designer Hugo d'Alte, Minna Läntinen, Johanna Leppänen
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