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Typeface ffBlocker

→The ffBlocker™ was released in 1998 and if memory serves it is also the first typeface with clean outlines that I ever drew. It started out actually looking quite differently; Upright, much more bashful in appearance and with a more manifest construction. It took a long time and many, many iterations to arrive at the current form.
By adding weight in the verticals and then a slight slant I introduced a subtle thick-thin contrast, infusing the originally quite mechanic looking face with almost humanist qualities. Check out the lower case o to see what I mean; It could belong to a much more typographic typeface. At the time I was very influenced by the packaging I found in the frozen food section in a japanese supermarket and I had this vision of a font that would listen to the Prodigy (remember it was the mid nineties...) and maybe make for good titles for Bladerunner II. The secret formula seemed to be to minimize the counters of the glyphs while contrasting bubble gum like round shapes with sharp edges.

This photograph is featured in the book "Made with FontFont"
59 USD / 49 Euro, Hardcover, 352 pages, color illustrations ISBN 978-0977985043.

The original submission document

Yes, this is what the first iteration of the ffBlocker looked like in 1997. I was inspired by japanese packaging design. However, this design was rejected with the note to redraw the letterforms less geometric and constructed.

Promotional post card

Here is a post card that FontShop printed back in 1998 to promote the ffBlocker™. This is the original descriptive text for the ReadMe that went with the release of the ffBlocker.
ffBlocker™ is an outrageously arrogant face, literally inflated and with only the slightest trace of historic character shapes. The stereotypes strictly reserved for the aesthetics of the cheap and fantastic. Horror monster, martial arts and action movies come to mind. A sequel to something that wasn't tasteful in the first place. This typeface originally had three weights: "Oldschool", "Vengeful Return" and "Son of the reanimated". The two latter ones were released by FontShop International in 1998 under the names DubLowFive (005) and DubLowSix (006).

Keiko Titling Pro

After all these years Blocker has lost its punch and I have been working on a re-imagined much more extreme sibling for it. The new font will go by the name of Keiko Titling Pro. It will come with a larger number of styles and just from a design perspective activate much more of the deep, iconic manga titling side of the concept. I am going for the full OpenType goodness with greek and cyrillic character set and plenty of alternative glyphs. So buckle your seat belts and sign up for our newsletter to get notified when we release Keiko Titling Pro.

Items advertising

FontShop Benelux ran a whole page advertisement in the design magazine Items. The (yellow) half of the page was designed by Erik van Blokland of Letterror, the right was designed by me.

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