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Realist super family complete
  • Narrow, Normal and Wide in one bundle
  • 24 fonts
  • All three widths in all eight weights
Realist Normal complete family
  • All eight optical weights of the Realist Normal family.
  • 8 fonts
Realist Normal single style
  • Buy any single font of the Realist Normal separately.
  • 1 font
Realist Normal Set Two
  • A selection of 4 fonts with a preference for the lighter styles.
Realist Normal Set One
  • A selection of 4 fonts with a preference for the sturdy styles.
  • 4 fonts

Font Name Realist™ · Designer ⇢ Martin Wenzel, 2011

Styles of the Realist
Every font in the Realist super family has a number of alternative characters that—when evoked through an OpenType feature—will turn the entire text into a different style. Martin Wenzel calls these two styles Humanist and Grotesk. The change between the two is subtle but lends the affected typography a succinctly different flavor. While the image below demonstrates merely the eight optical weights, the two styles, hidden in each font effectively double the number of visual styles.

Realist weight range
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