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Realist super family complete
  • Narrow, Normal and Wide in one bundle
  • 24 fonts
  • All three widths in all eight weights
Realist Narrow complete family
  • All eight optical weights of the Realist Narrow family
  • 8 fonts
Realist Narrow single style
  • Buy any single font of the Realist Narrow separately.
  • 1 font
Realist Narrow Set One
  • A selection of 4 fonts with a preference for the sturdy styles.
  • 4 fonts
Realist Narrow Set Two
  • A selection of 4 fonts with a preference for the lighter styles.
  • 4 fonts

Font Name Realist Narrow™ · Designer ⇢ Martin Wenzel, 2011

Styles of the Realist Narrow
Every font in the Realist super family has a number of alternative characters that—when evoked through an OpenType feature—will turn the entire text into a different style. Martin Wenzel calls these two styles Humanist and Grotesk. The change between the two is subtle but lends the affected typography a succinctly different flavor. While the image below demonstrates merely the eight optical weights, the two styles, hidden in each font effectively double the number of visual styles.

Realist Narrow weight range
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