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Realist super family complete
  • Narrow, Normal and Wide in one bundle
  • 24 fonts
  • All three widths in all eight weights
Realist Normal complete family
  • All eight optical weights of the Realist Normal family.
  • 8 fonts
Realist Normal single style
  • Buy any single font of the Realist Normal separately.
  • 1 font
Realist Normal Set Two
  • A selection of 4 fonts with a preference for the lighter styles.
Realist Normal Set One
  • A selection of 4 fonts with a preference for the sturdy styles.
  • 4 fonts

Font Name: Realist · Designer ⇢ Martin Wenzel, 2011
Typeface Realist by Martin Wenzel

Typeface Description
The Realist super family of typefaces covers a lot of ground by giving the typographer the choice between two distinct styles in eight weights and three different widths.

Three Widths
Typical for a grotesque is the availability of an additional Wide version, while the humanist sans serifs tend to be more narrow. So it made much sense to draw three widths: Realist, RealistNarrow, as well as a RealistWide.

Eight Weights
The availability of a good amount of weights makes the designer’s work so much easier. This is why Realist comes in eight weights: Thin, Light, SemiLight, Regular, Medium, Bold, ExtraBold and Black.

The two distinct styles of the Realist super family of typefaces: Combining Grotesque and Humanist Traditions.

I'm an admirer of the effective simplicity of the humanist letterform construction and there are many type designs of that order that I admire greatly. The sans serif designs of that order though tend to be so much less sturdy compared to a typical Grotesque where the contrast emphazises the vertical elements, letters are constructed and drawn more symmetrically and letter shapes are less detailed often more closed. In short, more in line with the neoclassicist construction. I wanted to bring both traditions closer together by combining elements of both worlds. By choosing a typographic style, the user switches various letterforms and punctuation glyphs have a real impact on the overall look and feel of the typeface.

- Martin Wenzel

This font features
Font format
• OpenType
• TrueType
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