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JC Kugelkopf single style
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Font Name: JC Kugelkopf · Designer ⇢ Hannes Famira, 1996
Typeface JC Kugelkopf by Hannes Famira

Typeface Description
This typeface is a simple auto-trace job. The JCKugelkopf contains a complete set of small caps, old style figures and tabular figures and thus provides the warm feel of "a real letter" as well as the full range of typographic subtleties.

Personalised advertising that comes in your mail, disguised as a letter to you and only you is often betrayed by its typeface. My grandma never wrote a letter to me in 12pt Times New Roman! Personal mail has a distinct "flavour" to it. To me this flavour is hand written script or a typewriter. The deep hum of an electric IBM typewriter resting on a foam rubber mat, the sheer force of the golf ball head when it suddenly swings around and smashes its Letter Gothic onto the paper, that's what I associate with typing a letter.

This font features
Font format
• OpenType
Supported OT-Features
ligature smallCaps oldStyleFigures liningFigures tabularFigures euro
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