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Jetsam Collection
  • Complete collection of incidental typefaces.
  • 5 fonts
  • This bundle contains the typefaces: jcCorrido (2 styles), jcTieshy, jcBubblejet on Steroids and jcKugelkopf
JC Bubblejet single style
  • Buy only the JC Bubblejet by itself
  • 1 font

Font Name: JC BubbleJet on Steroids · Designer ⇢ Hannes Famira, 1992
Typeface JC BubbleJet on Steroids by Hannes Famira

Typeface Description
The JCBubbleJet on Steroides™ is part of the Jetsam Collection. Like the JCTieschy™ this typeface lends it's charactershapes from print on cardboard boxes. The glyps contain every splotch and splatter the labeling printer sprayed onto the box. Like the rest of the Jetsam Collection the JCBubbleJet on Steroides™ is a strong display face suitable for contemporary in-your-face applications. It's texture makes it easy to place this typeface in the context of illustration or delibertately contrast it with a sober sans serif like the InterPol-Sans™.

Part of the fun for the designer in creating and using archeologically excavated, or accidental type is gaining control over seemingly out of control character shapes. Being able to type with letter-forms that used to be some amazing and unique piece of completely insignificant rubbish living quite literally in the gutter is a big thrill. Consider this, first these were images of letter-forms industrially applied to some cardboard box with no consideration for style or esthetics, now it's digital movable type, a font perfect for posters, flyers or record covers yet probably not suited for the body text of a collectors edition of the complete Edgar Allen Poe or Don Quixote.

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