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Interpol Serif Classic
  • OpenType font, identical to the original PostScript font family.
  • 12 fonts
  • Small caps and two styles of figures.

Font Name: Interpol Serif · Designer ⇢ Hannes Famira, 1992
Typeface Interpol Serif by Hannes Famira

Typeface Description
The Interpol Serif is the serif branch of a family of robust, low contrast typefaces designed for legibility in low resolution situations. It performs particularly well on media like television and computer screens or in projections and on lightboxes proving the conventional wisdom wrong that there is no place for serif typefaces in new media.

The Interpol family of typefaces also runs a little narrow. While it is not quite a condensed it is definitely slightly less space consuming than classic proportions prescribe. In Dutch this is called "zuinig", thrifty. It means that the Interpol will fit just a few more words in one line of text than the run of the mill serif Typeface. This is interesting for narrow columns and headlines or just for publications that need to accommodate a lot of text on a page without ending up looking crammed.

The Interpol Serif started as a graduation project at the kabk, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Den Haag in the summer of 1992. This design examines a number of issues:
  • How low is the contrast between the thinnest and the most prominent parts in a character that tolerates serifs but will do equally well without them.
  • What happens to the shape of medium weight characters when they are the result of an interpolation (hence the name "Interpol") between two rather extreme weights like a really bold and a really thin typeface. Or rather: what is it that needs to be done to the extremes in order to produce the optimal interpolated middle weight.
  • What really is the succession of weights that will appear the most linear to the readers eye.

This font features
Font format
• OpenType
• TrueType
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ligature euro
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