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Most of our fonts are available in a variety of different bundles. Each bundle ties different styles together to best suit your design purposes and budget. Pricing takes into consideration what typographic features a typeface provides but also how many devices you intend to install the fonts on. Find out more about our pricing...

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Jetsam Collection

• Complete collection of incidental typefaces.
• 5 fonts
• This bundle contains the typefaces: jcCorrido (2 styles), jcTieshy, jcBubblejet on Steroids and jcKugelkopf
Jetsam Collection weight range
This collection of typefaces contains five fonts that deal with the aesthetics of different pre-digital typographic technologies. Ranging from wood and lead type, through 1970's style typewriter up to rough labeling systems of the early nineties these fonts are found objects. Ready-mades as it were, collected or harvested more than designed. Thus, chance plays a key factor in the appearance of the character's shapes and visual artifacts betray the typeface's origins as well as the sampling technology.

JC Tieshy single style

• Buy only the JC Tieshy by itself
• 1 font
JC Tieshy single style weight range
Pick and chose! This option allows you to purchase only the JC Tieshy separately out of the five fonts that are bundled into the Jetsam Collection.

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