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Most of our fonts are available in a variety of different bundles. Each bundle ties different styles together to best suit your design purposes and budget. Pricing takes into consideration what typographic features a typeface provides but also how many devices you intend to install the fonts on. Find out more about our pricing...

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Interpol Serif Classic

• OpenType font, identical to the original PostScript font family.
• 12 fonts
• Small caps and two styles of figures.
Interpol Serif Classic weight range
Except for the updated font format this family of 12 OpenType fonts is identical to the fonts we have been selling under the product name Interserif since 2001. This product is recommended for backwards copatibility with the old PostScript font family. It comes in six weights with tabular old style figures as well as tabular lining figures and small caps for every style in a separate font.

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