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Mobile browser support for WOFF at 48.03 %

→ While the mobile browser usage share is only at a total of 11.78% this is a rapidly expanding segment of the browser market. The introduction of iOS 5 on October 12th, 2011 marked a major turning point for WOFF on mobile devices.
As expected the introduction of iOS 5.1 catapulted WOFF support on mobile devices from a meager 0.35% to 24.15% in just two months time. The impact of Safari Mobile is mainly due to the Apple’s massive usage share.

(Sept. 9, 2012): Usage share of all browsers → 

by Hannes Famira
created Sep. 09, 2011
updated Jan. 26, 2014

Mobile/Tablet browsers supporting WOFF

Mobile usage share 100% in this graph (11.78% of the total usage share, all browsers out there)
Safari (66.43%)
48.66% WOFF support →
version 5.1 and up since October 2011
Android (20.87 %)
WOFF support →
Firefox version 5 and up since June 2011
Opera Mini
Symbian and Blackberry
Opera Mobile
0.27% WOFF support →
version 11.0 and up
mobile browser version supporting WOFF
old mobile browser version for which an update supporting woff is available
mobile browsers not supporting WOFF
Individual percentages (May 2011) courtesy of
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While you're at it make sure to check this very detailed chart...

Screenshot made with iPhone4 running iOS5.
Apple Mobile Safari for iOS devices (66.43 %)

Last updated Sept. 9, 2012
It's official, Apple has made iOS 5 available as a free update. As reported earlier it features WOFF support, lifting over half of the mobile web traffic across this—for web typography—significant threshold.
The impact of Safari Mobile is mainly due to the Apple’s massive usage share and historically, to the swift adoption rate once updates were made available in the past.
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Opera Mobile (9.18 %)

Last updated Sept. 9, 2012
The latest GA version v.11.11 offers full WOFF support and is available for download now.

Opera Mobile is the smart phone offshoot by one of the three organizations that submitted the WOFF format to the W3 Consortium.
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• DevOpera: Introducing WOFF.

Firefox Mobile for Android

Last updated February 14, 2012
On June 21, 2011 announced: "Firefox mobile on Android now supports WOFF fonts for @font-face." as one of the bug fixes in their version 5 browser for Android phones. I have yet to track down usage share for this browser.
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